About Natator Photography

Simon at workNatator Photography was established in 1999 by Simon Catesby, still the owner and principle photographer.  We are located in the western suburbs of Brisbane but regularly travel anywhere between the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, as well as covering areas such as Ipswich.  We are able to travel to other locations for the right photo shoot.

Over the years the focus, pun intended, has periodically fluctuated between a more commercial or more personal photography bias, depending on how we felt at the time.  Our favourite shoots inevitably revolve around people, rather than products – most products simply don’t get our humour.

We take a lighthearted approach during our shoots, and try to ensure that everyone involved has as much fun as possible.  To us a successful shoot usually means Simon has been thumped a number of times for his “humour”, usually by the model, often by his assistant!

We shoot using Canon equipment, our main camera body being a Canon 5D Mark III, with a large selection of lenses to suite most situations.  We use Elinchrom studio flashes for most studio work, though recently have upgraded our equipment so we do not need to transport these delicate pieces of equipment for location shoots.  For location shoots we general use a set of three Canon 600EX-RT’s.

We do not currently run a full commercial style studio.  This is because Natator Photography is not Simon’s primary business  and maintaining a full studio is prohibitively expensive under such circumstances.  Our current base studio, still using our professional lighting equipment, is set up in a large garage in the western suburbs of Brisbane.  We also maintain a mobile studio, so are able to come to you and set up on location, still achieving “studio quality” shots wherever you require them.  For larger jobs, or when required for other reasons, we have access to a large commercial studio we can hire.

People often ask if we do wedding photography.  Unfortunately we are unable to photograph weddings for technical reasons …. technically Simon simply hates wedding photography!

People often ask where the name Natator Photography came from.  In addition to his photography, Simon is a fully qualified biologist.  When he used to work in this field his passion was sea turtles.  Every year Simon would go off to work with these amazing creatures on the islands off Queensland during the egg laying season.  His favourite species has always been the Flatback, which only nests in Australian waters …. Natator depressus.