Simon Catesby

Simon at EumundiSimon has been a photographer for longer than he is willing to admit (ok, 30 odd years).  He started in the beautiful world of film, but being the gadget and technology nut he is he, made his transition into the world of digital photography when it was still in it’s infancy.

Although it was wildlife and travel photography that initially caught Simon’s interest, for most of his photographic career he has concentrated on artistic nudes, mostly black & whites.  Something that has always been a passion for him is the amazing world of body painting.  and over the last few years Simon has been very involved with the body painting community here in Brisbane. He is delighted to count many of the best artists in Brisbane, world class artists, as his friends.

Simon grew up (well, maybe “spent his childhood” is a better term) in the UK, in Hertfordshire.  He immigrated to Australia in the early 90’s to follow his passion as a dive instructor, spending much of that year with his Nikonos V in his hands …. hoping that none of his students were silly enough to drown while he got yet another photo of a passing shark or nudibranch.

Nikonos VHis passion for wildlife, and wildlife photography, led him to undertaking a degree in applied biology.  During his degree Simon smashed the course record and landed himself a First Class Honours degree in the process.

In addition to his photography and biology, Simon has spent much of his career, and as a hobby, working in IT.  He used to develop websites in his spare time, but has since moved on to become a mobile app developer, making affordable mobile apps for small businesses. Some say this is just to feed his addiction for gadgets, as now he has the excuse he needs to grab that new phone mode, or tablet, the moment it comes out!

Simon is very family orientated and nothing can compare to the enjoyment he gets from spending time with Harry (6) and Robert (4), as well as his wife Anke (classified).  Anke is also an accomplished artist and has recently started to get involved with  body painting for herself.  Their friends now live in terror as they know that when they visit the chances of them remaining clothed and not covered in paint are slim at best.