Anke Catesby

AnkeArt HappensIf you come and do a studio shoot with us you’ll probably meet Anke, who often assists with photo shoots.

Anke is an artist who, like Simon, specialises in female nudes.  Anke has worked will all sorts of art styles over the years, paint, pencils, pastels and pasta, on paper, parchment and, oh, canvas.  Recently Simon has convinced her to turn her talent to body painting, and she is already producing some beautiful results.  You can view some of Anke’s works at her newly launched web site: Art Happens….. (when you are naked)

In the past we have done photo shoots specifically with the idea of the end result being a painting, or sketch, rather than the photo itself.  The piece of art on the right is an example of Anke’s beautiful work from just such a photo shoot.  The original image here is on canvas, approximately 150 cm (5 feet) tall, and will soon be taking pride of place in the model’s living room.  If you wish to contact Anke about commissioning a piece of art you may contact her here or via her own website (above).

Anke’s other passion is herbs, herbal medicine and natural health (yes, you guessed it, involving herbs).  Anke’s herbal business is Herbology. She has published three books on natural health and runs a very active Facebook page for her herbal musings, which is packed with useful herbal odds ‘n ends.

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