Artists and Models

ArtistsWe are privileged to be able to work with some of the most talented and beautiful artists and models you will ever come across.

The number of highly skilled artists in South East Queensland alone is just astounding. Of course we also meet some truly amazing from interstate.  Australia is an amazing place to be. We truly have some world class artists that we get to play with.  We do not take credit for the beautiful art you’ll see on the models, we are just capture it for posterity.  Simon usually returns from body painting events in awe of what he has witnessed …. and having made some wonderful new friends in the process.

Just as important is the canvas, in the case of body painting, that is usually a beautiful model.  We are grateful to all of the models we have worked with over the years, without whom the best photos on this site would not have been possible.

It wasn’t practical to acknowledge the talent of every artist and/or model for every photo so we decided to do a general acknowledgement and thank you here.  Due to a technical disaster last year we lost some of the details on who painted whom and even the names of a few of the models from other shoots, for which we apologise.  If you spot any of your work, or you are one of the models, and we have not mentioned you below, then please drop us a line. We are happy to add a credit here for you and a link to your site/portfolio if you wish.  Similarly, if you see a specific piece of art and want to know who the artist, or model, is just use our contact page and we are happy to let you know the details if we have them.

We are not precious or guarded when we work.
Getting to mix with, swap ideas, and generally have fun with some other very talented photographers is half the fun.  We absolutely love to work along side other photographers,  you never know what new tricks you might learn when working with others.

To all you talented people … thank you … without you we’d just be taking rather boring photos of backdrops.


If I’ve got any of your work here and I’ve not mentioned you below then please drop me a note and I’ll happily add something, along with a link to your other work, or art business, if you would like.

This section is currently incomplete and will be added to shortly.


I haven’t been able to add the details of all the models here, partly as there are a few whose details got lost on “The Great IT Debacle of 2011”.  If you feature in any of my portfolios, and are not mentioned here, please drop me a line as I’d love to get back in contact with you.  I’ll then be able to add some info about you and a link to your portfolio if you have one.

This section is currently incomplete and will be added to shortly.


I get to work with some truly amazing photographers, particularly at events like the Eumundi Body Painting Carnival.  I haven’t added information for all the photographers but I have included link to my absolutely favourites.  I am in awe of the skill, and particularly the artistic eye, these photographers have.

LisaSista Photography

LisaSista PhotographyThe most amazingly talented photographic team I have ever known.  Doing a photo shoot with with Lisa (Lisa)  and Monique (Sista) will leave you with absolutely fantastic photos and probably sore ribs from having laughed so much.  Their work is inspirational, both for private and commercial assignments, both in photographic terms and their Photoshop skills in producing amazing results for your project, whatever it may be.  If you live up on the Sunshine Coast they are the people to go and you’ll love what they produce for you.  If you don’t live on the Sunshine Coast then they are great reason you should move there!  If you call them and have trouble being heard then that is my friend Jeffrey, the rooster, who also doubles as a hat for Lisa on Thursdays.

Sue Black Photography

Sue Black PhotographySue’s eye for a great photograph is second to none.  Don’t let her know, but I’m rather jealous, and am often left in complete awe of her work.  Sue is a multiple award winning photographer, based down on the Gold Coast – so now you are really torn on where you should move to, aren’t you?  I could wax on lyrically about Sue’s skill until the cows come home (she’d probably get a fantastic photo of that!) but a photo speaks a thousand words, so go and check out the beautiful galleries on her website and see for yourself.

If you want work done I can not possibly recommend either of the above photographers highly enough.  When you contact them ask them for the “Simon Special” … there’s no such thing, but it might make them smile.