For Hire

Studio lightingNeed a professional photographer?  Then look no further.  We’re open to most types of jobs, both the standard photographic ones and those more “on the edge” ones.

We will enjoy working with you to meet your requirements and ensure you are delighted with the end results.  If you have something in mind that’s  “outside the box” then we’ll strive to achieve that for you as well, as those sort of shoots are often the most fun and rewarding .

Our preferred modus operandi:

Many photographer base their business model around doing cheap, even free, photo shoots but then charge for printed photos, sometimes at exorbitant rates.  This system works but people often find that what they thought was a bargain ends up costing them hundreds, even thousands, to get a full set of prints.  We do get this, photo studious are hideously expensive to run, but we do not feel it is the fairest system.  We are currently between formal premises and do not therefore need to meet this huge overhead, which gives us far more flexibility.

We also recognise that nowadays people are more likely to want their photos in digital format, either to use on the web or so that they are able to print them off themselves.  If you need to purchase your photos in print form first, in order to have the permission to use them digitally, this gets very expensive very fast.  Many photographers will not then allow you to reproduce your print images and you need to return to them each time if you do require another printed copy.

Our preferred way of operating is to present you with a DVD with the best shots from your photo shoot.  The DVD will contain high resolution images that you are then able to print yourself, as many times as you desire and for all/any of the prints.  We will also include the photo in a small “web friendly” version as well.

We feel that this is the fairest system to offer a client.  You know the costs fully up front, can later print in whatever sizes, or styles (we love prints on canvas for instance) and don’t find yourself agonising over which three photos you can actually afford.

Naturally, we can also get your photos professionally printed for you if you so prefer, including having them produced in beautiful albums.

For any photo shoots that involve travel we charge travel expenses, but just that, expenses rather than bumping up the “costs” to boost our profit.  Similarly, if your shoot does require that we hire a studio then you will only be charged for what the studio costs us to hire, rather than us hiking it up.  Naturally, any additional expenses such as these will be discussed prior to the photo shoot, so you won’t suddenly find any “hidden expenses” after the fact.

We can also arrange for a makeup artist, or even a body painting artist (you so want to try this, it is heaps and heaps of fun!) and will do our best to get you a special rate for their services, if not already a part of your photo shoot package price.  For body painting, if you see a general style you like in our gallery then let us know which photo.  In most cases we will be able to link you up with the artist that produced that particular masterpiece.