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TFP ShootsTime For Print (TFP) projects are shoots where the photographer, model and sometimes a make-up artist (MUA) collaborate on a project together to produce photos that all parties can use in their portfolios.  As the name suggests, these are shoots where the currency is time.  Neither the photographer, model or MUA expect any payment.

With TFP shoots we will supply the best photos to the other people involved, along with the rights to use them to promote themselves, or their business, with them.  These are supplied on a DVD, in both high resolution (for printing) and web sized images.  Printed versions of any photos are up to the individuals to arrange for themselves.

TFP shoots are general heaps of fun and we love to do them …. when we can find the time.  We particularly enjoy working with upcoming models and helping them improve/increase their portfolio to help them get started in the industry.  We are just as happy, often more so, if you just want photos for your own use.  We are by no means only interested in working with models, or aspiring models, and no experience at all is necessary – just an open mind, a great attitude, and a smile.

We don’t always find the time for TFP shoots, but will try our best to find the time if a project particularly interests us. Occasionally we find ourselves twiddling our thumbs and then we’d much rather be playing in the studio or at some fabulous location.  Our favourite type of TFP shoot …. yes, you’ve guessed it, body painting and nudes.

If you are interested in doing a TFP shoot just use our contact page and drop us a line and let’s see if we can come up with something we’d all enjoy.