Private Work

Fantasy or reality?Most of the work we do is for individuals, rather than corporate work.  We will work with you to try and give you the best photos, and best experience, we possibly can.  Come to us with your ideas and we’ll work together and turn them into reality.  Not sure exactly what you want?  Let’s have a chat and explore the possibilities together.

Yes, we do the standard portrait shoots, glamour shoots even family shoots, but we especially enjoy anything a little off the beaten track, or on the edge.

Oh, and in case you missed it on the other page …. sorry, we don’t do weddings, we SO don’t do weddings, it’s not funny!  If we ever find we’ve accidentally agreed to do a wedding, we will then do everything in our powers to break the couple up before the big day, just so we don’t have to shoot it, and we can be very creative in Photoshop when faking images of the betrothed in very compromising situations …. you have been warned!

Some shoots we have done in the past we have particularly enjoyed include:

  • Body painting – let your imagination run wild!  We absolutely love body painting and know lots of amazing artists.
  • Sexy, usually “implied nude”, shoots as a surprise for your partner.  Great for that special anniversary present!
  • That special shot that in years to come you’ll be saying “yes grandkids, that was grandma in her prime”.
  • Cosplay ….. dress up as your favourite TV/Movie/Comic/Anime character.
  • Utilise any special skills you may have: Dancing, acrobatics, echidna juggling etc.
  • Fun locations or props …. Own your own fighter jet, private island, TARDIS, pet dragon or one of those really massive diggers?
  • Full day shoots … have a photographer tag along for the day as you cruise Morton Bay in your new boat or race your bike around the track.

We are open to any and all ideas for shoots, so don’t be shy in coming forward with your ideas and we can see if we can turn them into reality for you.

We absolutely love what we do, or we wouldn’t be doing it, and we want you to love what we do too.  We like to ensure everyone has as much fun as possible during our shoots, and we’ve found the fun shoots usually result in the best photos, as everyone is relaxed.  We have certainly found that all our shoots are a lot more relaxed since we convinced Simon that a “nude photo shoot” didn’t mean he was the one getting his gear off – that shoot in Queen Street Mall was a disaster! ;P

Let your imagination run wild!