Children’s books

Stumpy SeriesOne of Simon’s other passions is books. He dreams of one day having one of those magnificent libraries, wooden panelling, wall to wall books, and a sexy little librarian he can chase.  Well, that’s one dream that’s not going to eventuate!

An exciting project, yet in it’s infancy, has Simon combining beautifully illustrated children’s book, and his mobile app development skills.  He is going to be producing interactive children’s apps, initially on iPads and iPhones, but with plans to expand to Android devices.

The initial project is a series of six books by Chris Pelly.  This is a series of children’s safety books, based around a little character called Stumpy.  Each book in the series addresses a different form of danger, such as pools, dams, strangers, and aims to increase the awareness of these dangers in a gentle way through stories.

Profits from the sales of the apps from the Stumpy and Friends series is going to be donated to the Brisbane Royal Children’s Hospital.

Simon also has a beautiful story about a bird losing a feather already lined up, and is hopeful that he’ll also be putting together an app for a most wonderful book about pixies a friend has recently illustrated …. as soon as he finds the time to put together a demo and convince her what a great idea this is!

This project is currently delayed as the software involved still being developed, Simon is a Beta tester for this (but not the cause of the delay!), but he is hopeful this will take off early 2013, as it is a project he feels very passionately about.