Dark Side of the Lens

Dark Side of the LensDark Side of the Lens was a blog Simon Started back in 2008.  Simon was, and still is, constantly asked how to fix up photos in Adobe Photoshop and wanted to provide people advice to help them out.  However, when he sat down to decide the best way to achieve this, he realised several important things:

  • There are already an awful lot of excellent Photoshop tutorials available, both free and paid.
  • For most people Photoshop is overkill and most home users would be stretched to use 5% of it’s power
  • It is complicated enough to confuse them completely when just dabbling in it
  • It is flipping expensive ($800 for a photo editing package is a little steep if you have a $400 camera)
  • Many of the videos are for more experienced users

He decided to therefore concentrate on Photoshop Elements (PSE).  Although that is not Simon’s personal choice of photo editing tool (he works in a mixture of Photoshop And Lightroom) he realised that another Adobe product would actually be far better suited to the audience he was trying to reach.  So, he started a series of video tutorials on Photoshop Elements.  His rationale behind this was:

  • Photoshop Elements is far easier to learn
  • It will still do 99% of what the home user needs
  • It Costs about 10% of the price
  • There are far less good quality tutorials available (Why?  I have no idea, other than it is not seen as being as sexy a product as Photoshop
  • There was a gap that he could fill by doing videos in plain English (he still insists he has no accent!) for people starting from scratch

And thus Dark Side of the Lens was born.  It’s a blog with free video tutorials.  You can also sign up, again free, and see the videos in higher quality than on the blog.

Simon has been delighted with the response to his videos, the feedback he has received has been fantastic.  As a direct result of this he branched out and created an iPhone & iPad app called “Easy PSE” which is discussed on another page here.  This expanded on his work on the blog, with considerably more videos and going into greater depth.

Unfortunately though the blog has rather fallen by the wayside.  It was fiendishly time consuming producing the videos, especially when they were offered for free, and the real world intervened and Simon seldom now finds the time to update it, much to his personal disappointment.  However, the videos are all still very relevant, so he has decided to leave them in place in the hope they will continue to be of use to those entering the exciting world of photo editing.

Simon is available for hire, both for private or group sessions, for anyone wishing to learn Photoshop editing skills.