EasyPSE – Mobile App

Easy PSEEasyPSE is a mobile app available for iPhones and iPads, packed with video tutorials to help you learn Adobe Photoshop Elements.  Why am I trying to teach people about Photoshop Elements and not Photoshop itself? Check out my Dark Side of the Lens page for my rationale.

Hang on a second, that sounds like the Dark Side of the Lens project doesn’t it?  Well yes, indeed it does.  The difference is that this is an actual mobile app, rather than just online videos.  The app also has a lot of videos which are not available on Dark Side of the Lens.

In the app you’ll find over 40 videos, amounting to over 6 hours of easy to follow video tutorials to teach you the basics, and well beyond, so you can edit your own photos whenever you need.  It really is easier than you think.  At 99c for over six hours of video I think it’s pretty good value.  You can grab the app from the Apple iTunes App Store, just click on the button below.


Apple iTunes App Store

Below is a video review Simon was particular happy to find!