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Video reviews

These reviews are all on photo editing software that has caught Simon’s eye.  The reviews tend to be positive ones, not because he won’t say anything negative about software (oh, you should hear him go off sometimes!) but because he’ll only review software he enjoys using, so the bad software simply never makes it to the review stage.

Recently Simon has been working with the fantastic developers of Snapheal, see the videos below.  If you are on OSX and looking for a simple, intuitive, way to remove objects from photos and do some simple photo editing then you really should check it out.

Simon is also very interested in mobile phone photography.  Much as they will never take the place of a good dSLR, it is quite amazing what can be achieved with a good camera phone.  Just as amazing is how much editing, and the special effects, you can do without ever having to leave your phone.  In some of the videos you’ll see mention of Phone Photo Fun.  This was a mobile photo event run by the lovely LisaSista, check out the Facebook page here.

You’ll find some of the video reviews Simon has done, in no particular order, below.