YMCA Gymnastics Orders

Alive and Clicking

Unfortunately it was not possible to get photos of all athletes during this wonderful event, although we did try to include as many competitors as possible. Hopefully you will find photos of yourself, or of your favourite gymnast, in one of the two galleries we have provided.

We have created a separate gallery for session. Simply click on the button(s) below and you will be taken to the appropriate gallery. Please be aware that these galleries will be available commencing Wednesday August 30th, as we have a lot of photos we need to prepare.

Sunday 8:00 am
Sunday 12:00 pm
Sunday 3:00 pm

How do I order my photos?Photo number

  1. Click on the gallery link above, which will open in a new window.
  2. Pick the number(s) of the photo(s) you wish to order. The number you require is the FOUR DIGIT number BELOW and to the LEFT of the photo.
  3. Complete the order form below.

IMPORTANT:We are unable to process your order until payment has been received. Using the form below you can either pay immediately via Paypal (our preferred method) or you need to call Tam on 0438 634 222 to arrange payment.

Finding the photos I want:

With so many wonderful athletes, on a variety of equipment, and more than one go on most stations, as you can imagine we did end up with rather a lot of photos. We also had two photographers at work, bouncing energetically between stations, so photos are not always in sequence. In an ideal world we would have grouped all photos of any given gymnast together, but this simply wasn’t feasible here. The following tips will therefore hopefully assist you finding the photos of yourself, or your gymnast.

  1. Photo albums have been split by day and start time of the session.
  2. The numbers are not all consecutive, so please check the number of each photo individually, rather than assume the photo number.
  3. If you find a photo of your gymnast on a certain piece of equipment it is worth checking out the photos around that one. For instance, the photographer may have been taking photographs of more than one station at the time, swapping between the two. Also, there may be another set of photos for the second go at any given station.
  4. For any given session there will be two of photos. One set, from Tam, are in the number range 1000 – 3000 and will be in chronological order. The other set, with numbers over 3000, taken by Simon, are again in chronological order. Both sets commence at the beginning of the session, so you’ll want to ensure you check both sets out.
  5. Some photos, such as an athlete on the run-up to their vault jump, have been included simply to assist you in identifying the photo of the athlete in mid flight. However, do be diligent as there are instances where the running athlete and subsequent jumping athlete are not the same gymnast.
  6. Please be aware that we have put up all the photos that are available. If photos of your athlete are not included then we apologise, but these are all the images we have.

When will you get your photos?

  1. If you selected downloadable photos – we will try and get the download link to you within a week.
  2. If you ordered photos on disc, or printed copies, we aim to get these out, either by post or to your selected YMCA, by September 23rd if you placed your order by the original cut off date (September 15th) or if you places your order after this time then October 7th, a week after the gallery is removed.

Questions or problems?

If you have any questions we’ve not addressed, or are having any problems with your order, then please email Tam (tam@aliveclicking.com.au) or call her on 0438 634 222.